Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fallen Earth login tips

I like the Fallen Earth launcher because I am able to control and read the player tips they put the in the window. I also like the concise news area and the fact that I have a few seconds to scan everything before the game launches me into the world. Here are some of the tips from the loading screen. You can also find  a good text file with tips in it in your Fallen Earth install directory. Depending on where you installed the game just search or look for "tiplist.txt'

  • To swing a weapon you first need to go into aim mode by clicking on the middle mouse button or the TAB button.  You exit aim mode the same way.  You may interact with objects and characters in the world while in aim mode by placing the reticule over them, at which point the reticule will change into the appropriate type of cursor.

  • Advancement Points, or AP, are a measure of what your character learns and are gained by advancing in level or completing missions.

  • To use an item click on the target and then right click on the item in your Gear or Inventory window, selecting Use from the context menu.  Alternately you may activate it from your toolbar after dragging it to your toolbar.

  • Yellow names in a chat window are in game GM's.

  • Science merchants also offer eye wear to further boost your stats

  • Create custom waypoints with ALT P

  • Harvesting nodes are scattered throughout the world, allowing you to gather resources and items by left or right clicking on them.  These show up on the tactical map as piles of junk or plant symbols.  Nodes can require skills, knowledges, or items in order to harvest them.

  • A green symbol above a converser's head means you have completed a mission for that converser and may turn it in. A red symbol above a converser's head means you have an uncompleted mission for that converser. A yellow symbol above a converser's head means they have a mission to offer you.

Those are just some. When you next login to Fallen Earth take a gander at the messages and scroll them yourself! Say while you are browsing looking for wargaming things why not check out the blog Real and Simulated Wars? This guy plays the same games I do and he writes up some good reviews.