Friday, November 26, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV gets a new UI patch

Not following our American holidays the folks at Square Enix were busy working away on Thanksgiving to bring Final Fantasy XIV players a much needed patch. Included in the patch was a HUGE upgrade to the sluggish and laughable UI. Hey to video game nerds this is way better than cranberry sauce and stuffing. The full notes can be read here: HOWEVER to me the most important fixes are listed below:

Main Menu

  • Reponse time of the user interface (UI) has been improved.

  • Skill and experience bars have been added to the main screen.

  • Attributes & Gear has been split into two options on the main menu, Attributes and Gear.

  • The profile displayed when examining another player has been changed. Item details can now be viewed without selecting a slot. Active linkshell details are now displayed in the log.

  • Scrolling on the map can now be performed by dragging the mouse.

  • A Loot option appears in the Interactions menu whenever one or more items occupy the loot list.

  • The display of inactive UI widgets has been altered.

  • The gamepad can now toggle auto-run on and off, even when a UI widget is active.

  • Cursor positions are now saved independently for the Ctrl and Alt macro palettes.

These are just a FEW of the things that were fixed. The list is huge so check it out for yourself and see if your most hated bug was squashed over the holiday.