Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guild Wars 2: What is the Hall of Monuments?

Well if you were wondering the above FAQ link will lay it out for you. There is even a Hall of Monuments Calculator so you can see what things your Guild Wars 1 characters will bring over.

Of course NC Soft saw fit to permanently ban and FUCK UP my Guild Wars 1 account so I have no idea what I will bring. I guess nothing. By the way my CLOSED FOR SEVERAL MONTHS account was not the only that was banned for no reason.
In the Hall of Monuments, a revered chamber in the Far Shiverpeaks, trophies and tapestries celebrate the victories and achievements of heroes. 250 years in the future, the glory of your previous deeds still shines through the ages. With our new web application, the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator, you can see what rewards your Guild Wars 2 characters will inherit from your Guild Wars account!