Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Little holiday blogging time off

Well for Thanksgiving I am taking a little week off from blogging but that does not mean my gaming is slowing down. I am still heavily active in Fallen Earth (another story coming soon) and I hit about 38 hours played in Aion yesterday in less than 6 days. Not too shabby. My cleric is level 12, my templar is level 12 and my scout hit 9 and he will become an assassin. I have still been dabbling in Final Fantasy XIV and my verdict is still out on that one. The game is clumsy so I am just not sure I like the UI.

On the wargaming side I picked up Horse and Musket Volume 1 over at Matrix games as they have a holiday sale going on and a sale at Matrix Games is rare indeed.

Here are the titles on sale:!

Alright everyone have a good holiday and I will be back afterwards with updates on what I pick up during the STEAM sale and a little Fallen Earth tale of the cloned wife that failed....part two.