Friday, November 12, 2010

Megan Fox calls Wonder Woman a lame hero

Pulling from her vast memory bank of comic book knowledge Megan Fox made another statement this week sure to win her more support. She called Wonder Woman a lame hero. Citing most of her reasons from the terrible TV show and not actual Wonder Woman lore Yahoo News is stating the following:
Fox called Wonder Woman a "lame superhero." Ouch! Lynda Carter, who was anything but lame when she played Wonder Woman on TV, recently spoke to Access Hollywood about Fox's remark, and said she was mostly perplexed by Fox's remark. "I thought that her comment -- she just didn't really get it. Like, who trashes Wonder Woman, right? What is there to trash?" The lighthearted snub inspired a slew of searches on Yahoo!. Everything from "lynda carter wonder woman" to "wonder woman movie" soared an invisible jet.