Monday, November 22, 2010

Mistakes I made early in FF XIV

So I got the game and started it out making a few crucial errors that some people may want to avoid. I made a lancer that started in Ul'Dah. I did a few of what amounts to be FF XIV's daily quests called "leves" but one that I grabbed was for a botanist rank 1. If you didn't know you can change careers in this game by simply equipping a new item in the main hand and leveling up with it. for example if I wanted to go from a "warrior" to an "archer" I would ditch my sword and start shooting with a bow. This would gain me ranks with a bow and the abilities of an archer. If I went back to a sword my warrior abilities would reactivate. Weird I know since it seems spending the ability points you get on certain level gains would gimp one type of character over the other.

So what did I do wrong? Lots. I attempted to buy a botany tool and bought the off hand wrong version, so I was not able to swap it out to do the leve and thusly failed it due to time running out. This was mainly caused by me having to run around the city vendors and find one that sold the tool. The vendors in the game have NO descriptors over their heads. You have to check the inventory of each one to see what type of vendor it is. Without using the internet I failed miserably at this and ran out of time due to the ever laggy menu system that takes forever to appear on the screen. I also ran out of money after I bought the off hand botany tool.

I also noticed I was not able to UNEQUIP armor. I just wanted to try and get naked. There is a reason for it though and I found this out later after asking for some clues on a message board.

  • The main hand tool is the hatchet, you must have it to switch to the botanist class. You need this tool to chop trees. The second tool is the scythe, which is for harvest points.

  • You must always have a main hand weapon equipped, which is why you can't unequip your lance. You also cannot equip a secondary tool without first equipping the main. In this case, you need to equip the hatchet first to change to botanist.

  • You cannot have no weapon equipped. There is no neutral class, you will always be a class of some sort and the weapon or tool equipped in the primary will always designate what class you are. You cannot be "no" class.

  • You can un-equip any of your clothes except the undershirt and underpants unless you have a replacement item in your inventory. You cannot run around butt-naked.