Thursday, November 11, 2010

More debates over Steam: shut up already

I am so sick of the people that are afraid to use Steam or always cry about buying something on Steam. Steam is great, but comments like the one below just fuel people's fears and kick up retarded debates. Look I like Steam I won't lie. You would have to be an idiot not to use it an take advantage of the sales. There are other reasons as well. I can load it on any computer and have access to my games. The Steam cloud saves my games so I don't have to worry if I reformat my hard drive. I prefer steam over anything else because when my hard drive goes tits up, I don't have to dig up my disks or my piece of paper from my direct to drive buy. I have had more customer service issues with Direct To Drive than Steam ever has given me. Today on a mysterious quote appeared from a Steam competitor crying about how Steam is kicking their ass.
“I’ve fought hard for my customer, and never before have I had to give my customers away. Steam is killing the PC market and it is no wonder digital retailers are failing. Steam is locking down the market.”

Oh blow me. By the way, I also hate having my CD ROM in the drive. Steam avoids all that for me. Tootles until later.