Monday, November 15, 2010

My first big Field of Glory digital army generator battle

Field of Glory, the digital version of the ancients miniature wargaming system, has a built in digital army generator that allows you build your army using units from expansions that you own. You and your opponent agree on a point total and you then buy what you need before you start. I hadn't used this system before but recently on the PBEM server that Slitherine hosts I decided to accept a challenge for a 600 point game.

This turned out to be a lot of units and I was not ready for this. I took some video of it below but I will tough it out even though I will probably get my ass kicked. Here is the army I went with:

German army, 1457 AD to 1500AD

  • C in C with a mercenary at arms bodyguard

  • 11 mounted mercenary at arms

  • 4 mounted crossbowmen

  • 4 halberdiers

  • 10 pikemen

  • 12 crossbowmen

  • 4 handgunners

  • 6 Heerban (a unruly mob)

  • 5 spearmen

  • 1 big ass heavy gun artillery

Below is some video of the second turn. The armies have lumbered forward and the action is about to begin. I will let everyone know how badly I get totally schooled as this is my first largely complex game. I am pretty sure my opponent is about to demolish my left flank. Once a unit is routed it retreats and the game has some complex follow or don't follow rules so we shall watch it unfold.