Friday, November 12, 2010

Once more into the land of the emo anime avatars with wings

I picked up Aion for the first time since its launch when I cancelled my pre order of the collectors edition. Back then the game was full of bots and farmers and this was BEFORE launch. I took a pass but my recent retirement from all things World of Warcraft had me searching the intrawebz for something new. I am currently tooling around in Fallen Earth and Lord of the Rings Online but I really wanted to go out on a limb this time. My choices were Final Fantasy XIV or Aion. FF XIV is getting such bad press and looks so retarded I had to go for Aion. At least it is functional and not being called the worst MMO release of 2010 (or 2009). Anyway I will let people know how it turns out. I don't expect much but I had 40 bucks burning a hole in my pocket and I am just bored silly of Everquest 2 and did not want to return to that ever again.

Sure the game caters to recluse women that own 40 cats and like to wear cosplay outfits but I figure what the hell. I have time to waste what better way to do it than killing mascara burdened emo elves.

The download on Steam is fucking 17 gigs. There better not be a patch involved after that...

Two things I want to make sure of. My class gets groups and the server I am on is very Pro Asmodian. I will be damned if I will be caught dead playing a goody goody fantasy reject Elyos toon so I have to make sure I pick a server dominated by Asmodians. I am thinking Vaziel. I will probably steer toward Chanter or some sort of melee DPS character.