Thursday, November 25, 2010

People that think WoW is hard are the reason I left

"I dont know how people even play WoW in moderation, as it is a game that is specifically designed as a time sink and 99% of the high-level content REQUIRES that you spend a significant amount of time every day to even see this content."

Don't be a clueless twit. Shows how much the typical Blues News poster knows about MMO's. WoW is the most casual idiot friendly MMO out there, something even a moron can level cap in and spend 30 minutes a day doing a dungeon at level 80 and eventually getting good gear.

It is also the reason I am not there anymore due to the huge stream of morons that play this game, a huge percentage of them not knowing how to play properly at end game. A huge percentage of them being total inadequate buffoons when it comes to MMO playing 101. All of the cosmetic ballyhoo that Cataclysm brings and the recent price drop only means that tons of rerolls, alts and under geared morons will infest the new 80-85 level dungeons and will simply have to be taught basic MMO mechanics. I am not down for that and after 6 years I am quite tired of it.

So for some naive poster to claim over and over again that ALL MMO's are timesinks and WoW is just "horrible" simply means that the majority of gaming so called enthusiasts are simply out of touch with the genre and not the experts they quite thought they were. MMO's span a huge range of grindy to casual. From the kindergarten mind level of Free Realms to the terribly disgusting Lineage II you can find one to fit any gameplay style. However WoW just happens to mix it up the best. Unfortunately it does it too well and wading through the cesspool of retards at the bottom has become more and more difficult due to shrinking guild sizes and elite player base.

Ok now I am done.