Monday, November 8, 2010

The best kept secret in Field of Glory is its multiplayer

The lobby in Field of Glory is a revolutionary idea that may save wargaming on the PC. Not RTS wargaming I mean REAL wargaming. Not some twitchy reaction based crap. Field of Glory has one of the best features in recent wargaming memory and that is the ability to play games online quickly and have them uploaded to the server so your opponent is notified and can respond without emailing a turn back.

The concept is simple. You log into Field of Glory and select Multiplayer

You then look for people that have issued challenges or see if anyone has accepted one of your challenges.

You find the game, click play and take your turn. That is instantly uploaded to the server and then your opponent is notified.

You can find games at any hour, anytime of the day all you have to do is log in and check for challenges and just hop right in. It is a brilliant innovation that removes the old message board spamming for an opponent and breathes great longevity into the title.

Everyone should check it out if you are into Ancients wargaming or just good computer wargame titles period. Find out more at Slitherine's website.