Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Droid has taken over the mobile market

How quickly the Android phone rose to prominence is covered in article posted over on Network World.com. I love my Droid but I do have a first gen model and I find it very slow to respond on the main touch screen menu. Almost like some sort of graphical lag. Also I still do like the interface on the I-Phone a little bit better. I really need to upgrade my Droid to see the new keyboard. Overall however I cannot complain. I just want a newer model.

Here is a brief article quote:
Google plugged a large chunk of cash into bringing application developers on board with Android by offering a total of $10 million in prizes as part of its Android Developer Challenge during Android's initial launch.  Slain says that while his company and many others entered the challenge, they were still greatly unsure of Android's long-term potential since the operating system wasn't yet available on any marquee devices and there was a sense that Android was "all buzz" without anything to back it up.