Friday, December 17, 2010

Campaign 1776: The battle of Guilford Court House after action report part 2

In case you missed part one you can read that here.

Ok now on to part two. 1:40 pm pn March 15th 1781. As can be seen below I will be forced to shift my lines to the east all the while keeping the higher elevation up on the ledge. As I move I am able to take potshots and start to seriously widdle down the British infantry. They may be taking the middle field but they are paying dearly the open area is littered with the dead. In the woods in the upper left corner of the shot Colonel Lynch's Virginia Rifle Corp is finding it slow going through the woods however he has inflicted a lot of casualties and was the main line of defense when the militia broke. He held and the British were forced to turn back in the dense woods.

Deep on the southern end of the map Tarleton is approaching in the woods where I had to shore up my defenses in a hurry after then entire line of militiamen broke. I am moving men into position to stop the British from entirely enveloping my left flank (south flank on the screen) but it is slow. I finally manage to rally my men and reform my lines. The British Von Bose regiment is caught off guard and isolated as they advanced too far. Still with Tarleton and his men bearing down on me I wont be able to stay that extended for long. I inflict as many casualties as I can while just to the right I set up a new line of defense right before another clearing. If Tarleton comes at me I will counter charge with my own cavalry.

The overall view of the battle. You can see I have lost the clearing and had to pull back and will reform on the far side (right side) of the battle. The clearing is choked full of casualties and the British advance through it has been rough. However with them now forming up along the wood line and bringing guns and supplies forward I will have no choice but to fall back as I am running low or out of ammunition.

As I fall back I plan to form a solid line of defense on the far side of the clearing. Here there is one road to the right side of the battle map and the British will have to fight hard to labor through the woods. I think that the AI opponent will try to take the middle road and objective so I will put the bulk of my defenses there. Advance units of the British force have reached the right side of the clearing and a huge battle is about to take place. Luckily I have the woods.I have to stop the British before they get too far into the woods. Do I have enough time to bring my men back and hold the British off? Find out in Part Three! The Highlanders are a tough enemy unit so I must make sure my line does not break and I have some good units opposite them.