Monday, December 20, 2010

Campaign 1776: The battle of Guilford Court House after action report part 3

Part two is here

The American command report for the start of turn 12 (out of 30! What had I gotten myself into!) was pretty promising. I managed to not only supply some units that last turn could not fire, I also rallied some men, recovered some fatigue but failed to get the routed units in check.

In the northern part of the battlefield I continue to hold the high ground and for the first time the mounted cavalry of Virginia Light Dragoons gets into the action. By placing them on higher ground I was able to shoot over my line units into the British lines. The white arrows represent all the shots I was able to take.

A huge amount of gunfire erupted all over the map last turn and it would take a while to describe it all. Let us take a look at the developing situation in the southern part of the map. If you recall last AAR report I was awaiting the epic clash between the British 71st Highlanders and the Virginia Brigade which had just been brought up to stop the British advance through the woods. Well this has happened as the two units met head on in the woods in a spectacular demonstration of firepower.

More on that in a moment. It is 1:55pm and I decide up in the northern section of the map to take some bold actions. Of all the places this is where I have stopped the British the best.

Colonel Lynch orders his Virginia Rifle Corps to flank and attempt to finish off the British 33rd Regiment, which has been mired and bogged down in the woods under constant fire since the battle began in earnest. I perform this but my flanking unit goes low on ammo after firing. Well crap. There is always melee I guess but I cannot pass this up.

To the right across the clearing I enfilade and gun down the 5th and 8th Infantry of the British Welsh Fusiliers. Their numbers are so low now that next turn I may consider giving them the what for and the rifle butt of a few American men on a charge. If this turns around I may clear the entire northern end of the clearing. However the British are moving the reserves of that unit up so my time is limited. And so is my damn supply which continues to cause me problems.

One amazing note. 2 American 6 pounders opened fire on the remaining ONE British gun that was shelling me across the clearing. Amazingly I hit the unit and blew the gun up. This means that right now my artillery controls the clearing, whatever good two guns will do. This amazing shot is shown below:

In the far south area of the battle (my left flank) I decide once and for all to put an end to the British Von Bose unit that I had encirlcled and whittled down. I mount a melee charge and take the unit out entirely. Major Baldwin is in the thick of it and leads the charge. However to the west Tarleton is pressing down on me and it is time to back up where the cavalry of Henry Lee's Legion can back me up. I have inflicted enough casualties but even I know when to back out. British Lt. Col de Buiy is killed by the American charge and replaced. I consider that a big win. Oh well...he is the one that over extended his line so tough!

There we have it. Turn 12 is about over and the jump map below shows the overall picture. Expect a lot of gunfire to be exchanged and the lines to probably not move that much over the next few turns. Of course please remember that all this is being played where I can SEE the enemy units so take my success with a grain of salt. I don't normally use Fog Of War off but this is my first BIG non tutorial game of 1776 and I really wanted to see how well the computer played the game or if I was wasting my time.