Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Champions Online: Longbow rises

A long time ago in City of Heroes I had a character named Longbow who was to all intense purposes a total Hawkeye/Green Arrow rip off. He was much more grittier however and was a more brutal hero that killed at will anyone who was found guilty in his eyes of doing wrong.

In Champions Online the character customization and combat is so much better than other hero games that I was recently able to recreate Longbow in the game and make him look just like I wanted. This was to be a lightly armored kevlar wearing hero shrouded in darkness with a secret lair deep in a abandoned public park. I took some video below of how bow and arrow characters work in Champions as well. And yes I am so much a comic nerd that all my characters have origins no matter how cookie cutter and boring.

The character is as down to Earth as he can get and even has acrobatics as his movement form. Early on at level 5 I gave him his defense power which is a backwards flipping disengage ability. Hey no one said Champions Online is a breakthrough in MMO's but for a comic nerd it is fun as hell to play. Others that do not partake are not true comic fans. I will call you out on that right now. I dare you to argue that fact.
Once an avid sportsmen, Aaron Jacobs was nearly killed in a run in with a drunk driver. Given experimental drugs to hasten his recovery he acquired acute senses that let him see and "feel" danger nearby. Deciding to put his new powers to use he staged his own death and reemerged as Longbow, hiding in his secret lair deep in a long abandoned wilderness reserve outside the city.