Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DCUO beta fears from players: we might have to talk to other players

A post on the DCUO boards has players listing their top three worries and as with most incomplete MMO's the result is that all solo play stops at level cap and everything requires grouping. Well welcome to the MMO world. Once again casual solo whiners are complaining that they have to group up and "converse with other people" in their MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAME. The rest of the complaints center around the fact that THIS GAME IS A CONSOLE GAME not a real MMO so to speak.

Heaven forbid. At any rate here are some of the responses to the thread:
1) Solo progression stops at 30

2) The powers system emphasizes having different loadouts for different situations, but doesn't provide the necessary tactical depth to make that necessary. Thus making innate powers more important than their numbers suggest they should be.

3) Little to do other than combat missions. (Blunt's note: ITS A CONSOLE GAME)

4) All endgame content is team/duo based. Once you've leveled to 30, and done all your missions, there is nothing to do if you don't have time for a team. If you have to afk a lot for family/kids, there is really no point in logging in. I love teaming, but can't do it all the time.

5) Lack of power sets. As easy as it is to reach the level cap (Yes I know it's intended to be easy) you could have a max level character of all six power sets in less than a month.

6) Only six power slots. I know it's beating a dead horse and won't be changed, but for me it's a game breaker. Options are way to limited compared to the other two superhero MMOs.  Look at Champions and CoX and DCUO the newest seems to be the most limited of the group even if the costumes are the best.  Also the option to tweak new gear's look and would be good.  Limiting to three colors is even more puzzling.  I mean Robin has more colors than that.  I am cool with the one costume slot as long as we get the new gear and can change things from time to time. (Blunt's note: IT'S A CONSOLE GAME)

7) Easy leveling. I know a lot of people have stated they like the fact that there is only thirty levels and you get there fast so they can do "end game" content and that's fine. A lot of us like the journey though, I don't raid nor do a lot of the more organized end game content so this is a turn off to me.

8) UI and "messaging" (Dev word, not me) - We need a TON more communication from the game about what is going on. Tool tips. Better mini-map. Better explainations of the system at creation time. Better descriptions of the powers and skills. Better indicators on radar. etc , etc. Im not talking about prettier graphic. I mean actual functional improvements to game-->player communication.

9) The keyboard/mouse control setup. It isn't intuitive. Despite this being an MMO action game, people ARE coming from traditional MMORPGs with more or less the same set up and thus leaving a whole population of players pretty clueless on how to control yourself without staring at boobs and/or feet the entire time while you're running. There should be some sort of optional tutorial for the controls. Personally, I gave up and use my XBox controller.

10) Lack of content. As others have said, there should be a clear path to 30 for each mentor, or failing that, past a certain point new joint paths via the JLA (or maybe even JSA, or Teen Titans, or GL Corps.. there is still room for multiple higher level paths).

There you have it. Looks like this game is well on the way to fail status for true PC MMO lovers.