Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV's woes best summed up in this YouTube vid

I understand that Final Fantasy has this odd retro feel to it and it has a few fans leftover from Final Fantasy 11 but this is 2010 not 2003 or whatever year FF XI launched. You get ONE chance in this current MMO market to make a first impression and so far Final Fantasy 14 has done everything it can to squander that opportunity. Case in point: fucking up something so mundane as a party invite system.

Look Square Enix let me lay something on you. Us PC gamers don't want a shitty console port. If you want to make a MMO for console jockeys then do it with your own interface design but don't port your shitty interface over to real gamers on the PC. We have real systems. With keyboards, awesome video cards and a ton of memory. We don't want your shitty sliding menus and dumbass controller configs. This game really sucks.