Friday, December 17, 2010

Gary Grigsby's War in the East: Official 1.01 update

Before they were beta patches but now Matrix Games has finalized the first patch for the monster Eastern Front game from Gary Grigsby. You can download it on the product page:

Changes from the README file:

v1.01 – December 17, 2010
· Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug that restored admin points previously expended by undoing a unit's
strategic movement.
2. Fixed it so Shift-T cannot be used if the unit does not fulfill the requirements in
3. Corrected the map data in hex 80,40 in Velikie Luki scenario.
4. Fixed a typo in the HQ switch leader check pop-up that spelled "succeeded" as
5. Disabled map clicking during the AI turn.
6. Fixed a display bug in the combat text shown at high detail levels that could lead it to
report a unit was shot at by itself.
7. Fixed a bug that would in some cases prevent valid air groups from being listed as
available for an air mission (in the pick air groups for mission window) even though
they were closer to the target than some other units that were being listed.
8. Fixed text typos: "Numberal" to "Numeral", "Unit and it's.." to "Unit and its.."
9. Prevented the user preference for the combat resolution message level from being able
to be set higher than 7.
10. Fixed range of Soviet 152mm Howitzer.
11. Changed the name of IS-I, IS-II, IS-III to IS-1, IS-2, IS-3