Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Go where the people are. Is that how WoW sheep pick their game?

Today Cataclysm releases. Being a reformed WoW player that has seen the light I have to wonder how many people simply fork over money to Blizzard for 5 more levels of end game content because that is "where all the gamers are".

Lest we forget that games like Everquest 2 have far more in depth features and a more mature playerbase than World of Warcraft. That does not matter to the WoW sheep though that prefer the lure of rerolling to see 1-20 more levels of inane tripe pushed in their face until they can leave the starter zone as their new Furry character or ugly skinned goblin toon.

Lets not forget that WoW has one of the biggest cess pools of end game population you will find in an MMO. Chock full of morons and keyboard spamming dolts the WoW zombies will flock to whatever free purples they can have handed to them in the new dungeons while wiping consistently and failing on new content because they were trained for 2 years to AOE everything in Wrath of the Lich King.

Player housing? Mentoring down to help others? Intuitive player map that doesnt require a mod to use and fix? WoW has none of these things yet the casual fleet of cry baby MMO enthusiasts drool over it because it is easy and represents a chance for them to stand around in sparkly gear and dance on mailboxes.

Not me. Even my so called friends are duped repeatedly into this foray moving servers, dissing those they left behind, removing items from guild banks and even rerolling to experience the so called "new content". If you like your MMO's the brainless equivalent of a Facebook browser game then more power to you. However people need to look for something more and something that does not draw them in because they are now considered casual and Blizzard spends a lot of money on advertising. Look I like Blizzard as a company and I do applaud the ONE innovation they added to MMO's which is the Look for Group Finder, but WoW is not the pinnacle of the genre. It is the "cutest" and easiest" of the genre and therefore it succeeds because 4 year olds can play it. If you like that then fine. But I need more of a challenge.

I am not the only one that thinks this way. Syncaine over at Darkfall Casual has the same feelings but we knew that already. Only this time he is correct in his post. Even a guy that backs a shitty MMO like Darkfall knows the truth.