Friday, December 3, 2010

Hell freezes over: John Tiller Wargames goes digital

With the release today of Panzer Campaigns: Kharkov '43 from John Tiller Software a new page has turned. This new title marks the beginning of a self-publishing effort by the JTS team as opposed to publishing through HPS Simulations. It also marks the beginning of Digital Downloads being offered for the current John Tiller products.

John Tiller has released a new Panzer Campaigns game. Kharkov '43 is the new title. The price is 40 bucks but the big news is he has gone digital download. Each purchase comes with 10 downloads (one computer only, enter a serial number one time).

Details are as follows:
So successful was Manstein's offensive that the Soviets were driven back beyond their starting lines and the front was in hiatus for three months till Kursk. Join the swirling battles in the Ukraine from the desperate defense at Kharkov to the open steppes in the Donbas as the two protagonists fought in deep snow and mud. Can you deliver the death blow to Germany or will you celebrate the last victory in Russia?

Even comes with a nice shiny Getting Started PDF in full color. BRAVO JOHN BRAVO

There are 30 scenarios in total including eight campaigns, each Explicit Supply capable:

  • Operation Star – 149 turns

  • Operation Gallop – 179 turns

  • The Initial Soviet Offensive – Operation Star & Gallop - 179 turns

  • Drive on Belgorod – Golikov's Right Hook - 57 turns

  • Manstein's Backhand Blow - The German Riposte – 69 turns

  • Stemming the Flow - Vatutins Desperation – 99 turns

  • Manstein Pushes North - The Road to Kursk – 129 turns

  • Kharkov Envelopment – Disaster on the Donets - 80 turns