Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hexwar offering buy one month get one month free

For those not in the know Hexwar is a gaming service that lets you play directly translated classic board wargames on the PC. Do not expect flashy sound effects (or any sounds) or animated graphics. This is a straight up service to let you play the older hex based wargames you loved back when on the internet. There is no AI in the solo mode just hot seat to practice. One month is $12.95. For more details see the site here:

HexWar.com is the home of one of the most exciting developments in wargaming.  HexWar, in the UK, has worked with Decision Games, in the USA, to bring back the glory of those old SPI days.  We develop a mix of recent games from Decision Games and classic Simulations Publications (SPI) games and make them available for on-line play.

HexWar games are complete computer simulations.  You no longer need the board game or the rules.  The game system knows all the rules and provides an excellent interface to make it easy for you to play the game.

Best of all HexWar is one of the largest wargaming communities on the web.  There are always hundreds of other players waiting to play you.  Log onto HexWar.com now and issue a challenge to someone to play now.

Via HexWar you play at your pace, when you want and where you want.  The HexWar Game Launcher managers all your game turns and you can always watch a replay of the last player turn of a game you have not played for a while.


Purchase a new, or extend an existing, HexWar membership between now and the 31st December 2010 and we will add a free month to your HexWar membership (only one free month is available per member).

HexWar.com is a membership based web site.  Members are able to play 41 SPI and Decision games board games converted to on-line play.  Non-members can play the classic game Napoleon At Waterloo free of charge as often they wish and any of the 41 titles for two game turns.