Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ironx's Squad Battles Red Victory Eastern Front mod sample install and look

After finally getting Red Victory in the mail the other day I immediately went and grabbed the IronX mod for the summer and winter look. You can find that story here that we covered, but I thought I would show what it looked like once installed and how that went.

The instructions to install will require a bit of work on your end. First thing to do is to make TWO directories where you installed Red Victory.

I simply used the advice given here: http://ironxmods.wordpress.com/2010/12/21/installing-the-eastern-front-mod

I renamed my initial install directory to Red Victory - Summer then I made a new folder called Red Victory - Winter and copied all of the summer directory into the winter directory. The final result was this:

After that I went into each directory and deleted the .SCN files. You can do this in windows explorer or whatever just by sorting by file type.

Next I dumped the entire contents of the respective zip files into the directories where they belong. Winter to winter and summer to summer. The sounds were next and you need to copy the sound files to the MEDIA folder of the summer and winter mods directories. If you want you can also use the optional included rally cries but I chose not to use those. If you want to install those they need to be put in each directory in the media folder pertaining to the country. The German rally zip file goes to German, German-AB, German-SS in the MEDIA directory.

Once all that is done make sure you have a shortcut on your desktop to start each type of mod. The shortcut you want to copy to your desktop is the RV.EXE file. create a shortcut to that and rename it for example RV Summer.exe or what not. That way you can launch winter or summer at your leisure. I actually have THREE installs of the game as I kept a full install of the standard game loaded.

The final mod looks really nice. Below are two shots from the WINTER version, one in 2D and one in 3D