Thursday, December 23, 2010

John Tiller announces Squad Battles: Modern War

Wow suddenly a day I thought there would be nothing going on has shifted to many news items being released all at once and the next item is the latest Squad Battle title being announced. "Ranging from operations in Afghanistan such as Anaconda to the initial invasion of Iraq and subsequent fighting in cities like Fallujah, Squad Battles: Modern War covers the major battles and engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq". Expect this one around the 27th of December.

Entitled Modern War the game will feature the following:


  • 44 scenarios covering actions such as Operation Anaconda, Fallujah, Mosul and Sadr City.

  • Scenarios range in length from 10 to 25 turns and cover actions from small firefights between a handful of men to hundreds of men battling it out for key strongpoints on a variety of battlefields.

  • Close quarters urban fighting all the way to remote terrain ambushes are modeled and various points in between.

  • 2 linked scenario campaigns.

In addition to the stand alone scenarios players may also choose to play the "campaign" format where they will play a series of scenarios centered around a particular figure. As long as this person survives each scenario they continue on to the next battle, but if he is lost the campaign game will end. For players who enjoy "sandbox" features of wargaming a wide array of editors is included - scenario editor, OOB editor, parameter data editor, DAT editor and sub-map editor. 32 "full" maps are included for use with the sub-map editor, which allows "chopping up" of a map to create a new smaller one to represent certain actions. These maps range in size from 30 x 20 hexes up to 226 x 244 hexes - ample ground to make many custom scenarios.

A few touches have been added to like mouse wheel scrolling and things like that. I am looking forward to this one as I have just recently gotten back into the swing of Squad Battles. They are very addictive titles indeed. The announcement is on the John Tiller site.