Monday, December 6, 2010

List of current raids in the DC Universe Online beta

From the patch notes:

Looking to see what sort of end game content may be coming your way in the game when it goes live? This patch seems to address many areas that DC Comics fans may be familiar with:

Ace Chemicals

Arkham Asylum

The Outer Caverns

The Watchtower

The Batcave

Hall of Doom Armory


Stryker’s Island

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Ace Chemicals

  • Players should no longer encounter a swarm of guards when exiting Ace Chemicals leading to an untimely death.

  • Toxic Minions will no longer attack Chemo.

  • Removed an ability from Chemo that was causing errant effects to appear midair.

  • Friendly NPC's at the end of Ace Chemicals will no longer be attackable.

Arkham Asylum:

  • Guards and Inmates can now speak…and they are crazy!

  • Scarecrow’s scream attack does 50% less damage.

  • Scarecrow’ flame aura now cancels when you beat him so it will no longer deal damage during the coolcam.

  • Player now swims in water at Arkham Asylum Water Treatment Facility.

  • The Phantasm miniboss in the Scarecrow wing now casts explosion on other hallucinations every 15 secs, down from 30 secs.

  • The hallucinations during the Phantasm miniboss fight are now correctly dealing damage when they explode, so be careful and move away from them when they glow!

  • The mangled mirage acts more like channeler enemies in other content – he now warns you before using his flamecone attack.

  • In the final fight, you can now damage the “Fake Ivy” enemies again.

Hall of Doom Armory:

  • Statue Army: Iron Statue will now activate after a short time even if Bronze Idol has not yet been defeated.

  • Magents guarding the Magic Wing will now show their Animations and effects when they teleport out.

  • Arcane Experiments being the Magic Wing door will not try to engage when the magent is spoken to.

  • Dr. Sivana's hologram will face the player when spoken to.

  • Added an audio cue when the Iron Statue actives in the Statue Army encounter.

  • Oracle and Calculator voices should no longer overlap for heroes storming the Hall of Doom.

STAR Labs:

  • You can now teleport back into the Lobby from the Particle Collider room.

  • The Logic Lantern encounter will now reset if all players are knocked out.

  • The Logic Battery encounter will now drop items when defeated.

Stryker’s Island:

  • Guards and Inmates can now speak and they are angry!

  • You can no longer breakout of the zone-wide stun that Grodd’s mind occasionally inflicts on the prison.

  • The Rogue’s Fight should correctly reset on a failed attempt.

  • The Gorilla Grodd encounter should properly reset if the players fail the encounter.

The Batcave

  • Brother Eye will not hover closer to the ground during the Inner Sanctum encounter.

The Outer Caverns:

  • Sentinel’s crowd control pull in and stun ability last longer but players can now use Breakout to escape it.

  • You can now return to the Headquarters you teleported in from if you use the teleporter at the entrance to the Outer Caverns.

  • Brainiac’s minions are more talkative, as are the security systems.

STAR Labs:

  • Brainiac’s minions are more talkative.

The Watchtower:

  • Zatanna should be much easier and more fun to fight in the Watchtower.

  • There are now significantly fewer robots making up the waves after Zatanna and Cheetah in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom respectively.