Thursday, December 9, 2010

NCSOFT once again ruins Aion by assuming all U.S. players are like Koreans

Well not much to say here. You know if you want more people in the Abyss...then make the Abyss meaningful. Don't go back and re-NERF the only change that boosted your subscription rates for people that don't like to be constantly ganked while questing. The Abyss is for PVP so fix your game's features instead of letting up on Rift ganking once more. Also US Players are not Koreans. There is a reason your game was having trouble in North America and it is because you did not adapt it to the way we play. The first Rift change was a step in the right direction. Now you have gone and destroyed all you worked to build.

Good job NCSOFT you are out 30 bucks a month from myself and my friend now because we will now be canceling our subs.
Greetings Daevas!

Myself and the rest of the team have been working hard to be able to bring you this announcement and I am honored to have the chance to bring you this news!

When Aion®: Assault on Balaurea™ released, rifting changed in Aion®. The rifting changes focused on placing a strong protective buff on homeland defenders in lands accessed by rifts. Some time after the launch of Assault on Baluarea, our Aion Community and Production Teams gathered your feedback, both in the forums and through a gamewide survey, to gauge your thoughts and preferences on rifting. The results of that feedback culminated in a proposal we took to the development team in Korea.

In the feedback gathered, you indicated that you felt that lower-level players needed to have some to protection. However, the majority of you also told us clearly that you felt that the strength of the defensive bonus after Assault on Balaurea launched was excessive.

On Friday, December 10 we will begin a month-long trial of changes to the current rifting settings that take into account your feedback. After the month is over, we will send out another in-game survey to gauge your thoughts on the changes to determine if we need to do any final tweaking of these settings.

During this one-month trial:

  • The protection for defenders in Morheim and Eltnen will remain, but the strength of the protection will be significantly reduced. The intent of this change is to provide protection to lower-level players, but also allow for challenging rifting battles in Morheim and Eltnen.

  • The protection for defenders in Heiron and Beluslan will be removed entirely. This change allows higher-level players to engage in full-scale rifting and to complete spy quests, such as the Betoni’s quest line.

Thank you for your patience and your valuable ongoing feedback during this process.