Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Norm Koger's The Operational Art Of War III updated

Not sure how this one slipped under my radar but the venerable title was updated back in early December with a new beta patch that you can download from the Matrix Games members area. This is for the re released version from Matrix of course, not the original versions. Yes I still have this version on my hard drive. It was one of the first wargames that sucked away hours of my time and I still think it is a fine game (where else can you fight Vietnam and The Franco  -Prussian war?). Plus you cant beat the internet support around the world. The main site for me is located here:


Looks like a wealth of features judging from this PDF file. To highlight:


  • 1. AAA lethality was scaled down by a factor of 0.4.

  • 2. Adjacent artillery/HQ now will automatically bombard rather than assault if over half their firepower is from ranged equipment. (Note that making this player-optional via popup was too complicated for now). Adjacent

  • Naval units now always bombard regardless. So, this will impact naval combat simulation. The “Bombardment Cursor” movement path (in place of the “Assault Arrow” movement path) will appear if this feature is triggered (best seen if “Movement Paths” are set to “Floating”).

  • In addition, there are now animated cursors that, if used, can also alert the player to the type of combat that will result.

  • 3. A bug in Norm’s code that limited the number of shots that each side could take was fixed. This is an average of about 2 per side. It can vary between 1 and 8 depending on the ratio of armored and anti-personnel equipment.

  • This may help with ants, lone tanks and some other items. This only affects the number of shots and not the chance of taking a shot or the chance of penetration.