Friday, December 17, 2010

Pride of Nations beta: Seriously Paradox?

I was a little happy until Paradox pulled a Paradox:
Welcome to the beta of Pride of Nations! To be able to join, you need to fill in and print the attached NDA. Make  sure you get your forum name right. Send it to:

Paradox Interactive, floor 11
Åsögatan 108
118 29 Stockholm

We will start to accept applications after New Years Eve, and your NDA must  have arrived.

Are you serious? You can attach a PDF and email it to me but I cannot digitally sign it and send it back to you. Instead you want me to spend my money to snail mail a envelope to Sweden so I can test your game. Or better yet do you prefer carrier pigeon?

Give me a break. 1995 called they want their correspondence method back.