Monday, December 27, 2010

Squad Battles Modern War is released, I am locked and loaded

Fresh off the digital download is the brand new Squad Battles Modern War from the John Tiller Software site. I got up this morning and at 6am the game was in the store, I busted out my credit card and had the game digitally delivered. I was up and playing in less than 10 minutes. What a good feeling that is eh? I entered my serial number, the game was activated (did not require internet connection EDIT: It does require a connection) and I was launching smoke grenades and firing M203's at enemy positions with my infantrymen in seconds.

This newest version of the Squad Battles game features no 3D mode but has added many features like a mouse wheel scroll, 2 linked scenario campaigns, Leader morale modification to assault morale and more rules.

That's not all though kids. Check out these documents straight from the JTS site:

Here are some files from the game (PDF files):

Expect an AAR real soon but to wet your appetite here are the screenshots of my first load and starting scenario: