Friday, December 3, 2010

Star Trek Online: a cruiser commander at last

Finally for the first time (and I have owned the game since release) I have the ability to pilot the Enterprise Cruiser designated NCC-93176-A U.S.S. Poseidon.

My character, Darius, is the first character I created. When I came back to STO the respec that I got for free let me fix him and his crew up and I use him all the time now. I could not see making "alts" in this game since the early levels are not that exciting and the game really does not cater to a second playthrough. I am not sure what "space" game does. At least none of the ones I have tried from EvE to the crappy new robot game Perpetuum. I find most of them boring beyond belief but at least in STO I can get OUT OF MY DAMN SHIP AND RUN GROUND MISSIONS. No matter how bad people think they are I like the ground missions even though they are not the most innovative things. Ground missions are like playing a third person shooter with tactics which I like. I can control each and every crew member and setup ambushes and lay traps and to me that is fun. Like Dawn of War 2 fun.

At any rate with my month of returning to Champions Online about over I need some sort of sci fi game that is rather advanced along with Fallen Earth which takes care of the Mad Max in me.

Darius will continue to adventure in space and hopefully I will have some exciting stories to relate. Already in one day back I have foiled a Klingon plan to smuggle out a rare explosive from Starbase 114 and engaged a ton of ships in free for all combat. I wouldn't mind getting to near end game to get some ship to ship PVP in no matter how lame it may be compared to EvE.

Fresh out of the Academy Darius is the ultimate lone wolf. He rarely reports into Starfleet unless he has to and he prefers to clean up his own messes. Loyal to the end and diligent he performs each mission to the utmost conclusion. The U.S.S. ShiKahr is experiencing intermittent power failures. There is little threat to the safety of the ship, but they do have a scientific team on board that is conducting a time-sensitive survey of anomalies in the area. Captain T'Vana has requested that another ship rendezvous with the ShiKahr. See what you can do to help them.