Monday, December 13, 2010

Strategy games for the I-Phone

I don't know of too many that are turn based and feature movable units but while I was surfing the I-Tunes store today for some Revolutionary War material I came across this company

They make the following games for the I-Phone/I-Pad

European War

European War (musket & artillery) is a new style strategy game for iPhone & iPod. It takes you to battleground Europe during the eighteenth century and nineteenth century. In this game many tactics been used in order to defeat the other forces.

American Revolutionary War

Musket & Artillery (American Revolutionary War) is a strategic style game . It takes you back to the days of the American Revolutionary War, where you can use military tactics to defeat your enemies (economic mode and war mode are available).

HD versions of those games are available for the IPAD. I wonder if anyone has had any experience with these?

They look interesting.