Friday, December 3, 2010

The drama continues: John Tiller to allow two installs with new serial key method

Wow what a day for drama yesterday in the PC Wargaming world. First we get news that John Tiller is going to strike out on his own, open a new online store and offer his first title for digital download. Then the entire stink flared up about only allowing one install of the game with the serial key method. After taking a 6 page forum thread beatdown on the (which I accidentally started by announcing the entire affair) it seems that John Tiller and crew have relented a bit on the installation scheme:

This is from Glenn Saunders off the Blitz.Org:

John has decided to alter the DRM Code to allow for two PC instances so players who move between a main PC and a laptop will be able to do so.

The code for this has been written but it needs to be tested and we'll start that tomorrow with the idea being to make it available later in the day if all goes well. The change doesn't affect the copy of the game that people may have downloaded already - the change is on John's server end

If you have already got your game installed and want to be one of the first to try a second install on your other PC, drop me a line and I will contact you when the code is ready to go.

Thanks for all your comments today - rest assure we read them all and respect the opinions of the community.


Who says crotchety old wargamers cannot have INTRAWEBZ drama? Give me a break. I make one post on the Wargamer and the fucking DRM Nazi's come out in full force. Then I get yelled at on the Matrix boards. Hey Erik Rutins how about you police the assholes on the boards that degenerate every thread into a DRM argument? Many of us have been around these boards for a while but this is getting ridiculous. I'm not the only one either, it kicked up quite a stir apparently:

Just shut my post down then or move the DRM people into a permanent sticky. I'm almost afraid to post any wargaming news thanks to those people and they are running your boards Matrix

In further news the lead designer of Kharkov 43 wants your questions at the same site on The Blitz.Org

Hello all,

Forgive the intrusion, but we wanted to make this one time mailing to alert you to the fact that we have made an alteration to our licensing.

Effective immediately you may use the serial number you received with your order to install on a second computer - so 2 activations without the need to deactivate or uninstall from either.

We hope this enhances your enjoyment of the game and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or concerns.

The John Tiller Software Team