Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are YOU adverse to social media? That is ok but... may miss out on some good stories. Social media is good for following game developers, producers, creators and publishers. In today's day and age it is a huge media advertising machine. Therefore I get a lot of my stories from there, especially Twitter.

Since I do not want to clog up my blog with constant spammings of news stories all day I tend to post a lot of hot news and quick links on the Blunt Force Gamer Facebook page. This is a fan dedicated page, not a PERSONAL page of mine. You are able in Facebook to make a fan page about subjects. As news and stories come in throughout the day I try to post them on the Facebook page. Therefore if you are on Facebook and you follow the BF page or "like" the Blunt Force page you get updated with news. Also note that I do update my Twitter with news events as well, and that is a pretty simple thing to follow. Also the Twitter is echoed on my blog's front page on the right hand side.

At any rate give it a shot if you want even more news, videos and links. You never know what you might find out.

All the links you need are on the upper right there or on the left where our Facebook badge is. Thanks for the follows and enjoy!