Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Combat Mission Battle For Normandy beta AAR

Wargame Reserve Blog has word about more of the Combat Mission Battle for Normandy AAR being posted over on the Battlefront website.

You can check out the US side of the report here

The German side of the report here

There are screenshots and a good first look at what the revamped Combat Mission will bring us after 10 long years.

This is as exciting as Diablo 3!

Two of our beta testers, Elvis and JonS, have just launched a series of After Action Reports from an ongoing head-to-head battle they're playing with a beta version of Combat Mission Battle for Normandy. The AAR provides the viewpoints of each players, who are not reading each other's postings, in this ongoing (fictional) battle to secure a key crossroads near  la Campagne.
Don't miss this exciting series as it is being updated to its conclusion in the next days.