Sunday, January 9, 2011

Combat Mission Shock Force: Marines - A Day at the Beach

I hadn't played this game in a while, so I fired it up to check out the newer 1.31 patch, reinstalled my mods and then tried just any old mission I wanted. I did all this without reading the manual to see how intuitive it was. I did ok I guess. On the scrub level I won the mission but I lost too many men in my opinion. It was only halfway through when I finally remembered to use spotters and how to call in support. Oddly enough I got hooked on the game all over again but even on my high end system I needed to turn the shadows off later and reduce a few graphic options.

Mods are installed by creating a new folder under the DATA folder called "Z" and dropping all the .BRZ files into it. Combat Mission loads these when the game starts. Easy as that. No more unzipping of .bmp files and checking what you did or did not overwrite. I went on to pick up the NATO expansion. What the heck.

Some of the MOD sites I use:

The new patch has the following included:

  • Soldiers receive reduced blast protection when an armored vehicle is between them and a very large explosion.

  • Firing sound changed for C14, C15, L115A3, AWSMF, G22 sniper rifles.

  • Corrected Syrian and Canadian rank icons.

  • Various TOE updates

  • In the New Game screen, the time displayed for each scenario (e.g. "01:20") refers to the length of the scenario, not the time of day.

  • nVidia light-flashing bug is fixed

  • Computer player is smarter about disembarking passengers from immobilized vehicles.

Stay tuned this week for an oldie but goodie: an actual Korsun Pocket AAR (by SSG).

Here is the YouTube video of my terrible Combat Mission Shock Force gameplay. Watch it in HD mode for better quality.