Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scenario Design Center's Downloads section is now up

The Scenario Design Center's DOWNLOADS section is now up, hosting files, mods and scenarios from all John Tiller and HPS SIMS games. Head on over and check out the over 200 files on display and see what you may have missed in your HPS SIMS or John Tiller games.

An introduction to the site has been posted by Steve on the blog for the Scenario Design Center:
A little back history here; when Rich first ran the SDC site he had a downloads section, which was pretty comprehensive when it came to HPS products as well as John Tiller's designs from Talonsoft. With 2011, that section is returning to the site.

Barring release material, re-establishing that area will be the site's priority; so in effect I am calling my shot in this one.  Software has been found, at it looks as if it will work fairly well. There are a few hitches to be worked out with some of the controls as it is a little new to me (although the format does resemble forum controls -so it looks relatively easy to set up.).

So coming soon to this place, will be a dedicated download area, and the blog idea will sort of -well, still be there - but I guess you can call it all a learning experience.

I neglected to point out that there currently is an 8 mb file limit size. We will be looking to modify that to allow for larger files in the future (hopefully the near run future at that), 8mb was the software's default size.