Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slitherine accepting beta testers for Field of Glory - Legions Triumphant

This just tweeted by Iain over at Slitherine they are accepting beta test applications for the next Field of Glory expansion. Head on over and sign up if you are interested in giving it a go.

This army pack covers the armies of the Roman Empire and its opponents from 25 BC to 493 AD: From the first Emperor, Augustus, until the final demise of the Western Roman Empire.


Principate Roman, Dominate Roman, Federate Roman, Kushan or Indo-Skythian, Early German, Ancient British, Early Scots-Irish, Dacian or Carpi, Later Sarmatian, Early Alan, Jewish Revolt, Caledonian, Early Pictish, Sassanid Persian, Early Visigothic or Early Vandal, Palmyran, Early Frankish, Alamanni, Burgundi, Limigantes, Quadi, Rugii, Suebi or Turcilingi, Early Anglo-Saxon, Bavarian, Frisian, Old Saxon or Thuringian, Early Ostrogothic, Herul, Sciri or Taifali, Gepid or Early Lombard, Western Hunnic, Hephthalite Hunnic


There are over 200 new battle group graphics and supporting information within the D.A.G. lists.


12+ new historical battles

Main Features of the Army Pack

Additional features TBD