Saturday, January 8, 2011

Steel Panthers WW2 for Windows mini tutorial

I wanted to test FRAPS and my ability to record my use of Windows 7 desktop so I decided that instead of posting a bunch of screenshots talking about Steel Panthers WW2 for Windows (also known as winSPWW2) I would just record what I had learned thus far and post it on YouTube

This is for the Shrapnel Games version of Steel Panthers. You can purchase this game digitally or, like I did, in a snap tight CDROM case with a fully printed manual which includes a pictorial tutorial. The cost is $40. Advantages of the purchased version are higher screen resolutions and wide screen monitor support. The free version is available on their site but limits you to 800x600 resolution.

This tutorial covers simple things like unit interface, artillery plots, moving and loading vehicles. The sound is a bit loud so next time I will be turning off background noises and tuning it up a bit. Originally this was meant to be a test but I was getting into it so it ended up to be about nine minutes.