Friday, January 28, 2011

The All Newbie Federation PC Bloodbowl league needs more

I have long been an addict of miniature gaming whether it was Warhammer 40K or Flames of War. Since local opponents have dried up for all games but Bloodbowl I have decided to practice up and kick start learning Blood Bowl again. To do this I am using the excellent PC version of the game by Cyanide Software. This is probably the best miniatures to PC game conversion ever aside from Field of Glory. Complete with full online league support, player skills, team editing, star players and complete match tracking the game is a boon to the online gaming community.

The game is available on STEAM here:

You MUST own the Legendary Edition not the Dark Elf Edition. The Legendary version has 20 races, support for private and public leagues, and is needed to work with other other people owning the same version. If you own the DE Edition it is 33% off to upgrade to the LE version.

We have a league set aside for absolutely new players. The maximum total value of the team can be no more than 1100 points. The lowest is 940 so we will not be accepting pimped out teams.

To join, if you own the game, search in private leagues for All Newbie Federation. Our password is BFG in all caps, and you must apply with a team that you have not registered with any other leagues yet. To do so create a team. Then find the league. Then at the bottom of the screen click the dropdown, find the team you want to register with and apply with that team. Once I accept you will be in. We have only TWO spots left. This is a simple 4 team league and you must be able to play at least once a week in a live game session that is turn based and will probably take about 40 minutes.