Friday, January 7, 2011

Total destruction of Iraqi forces

These are two screenshots from the Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank program from Shrapnel Games. Yeah I went ahead and digitally downloaded this one to go with my Steel Panthers WW2. The tutorial for this game is SO much easier than the tutorial for the WW2 version but then again it is 1991 and the Iraqi's are not much of a foe.

The American forces crested the sandy ridge and just turned that valley into a turkey shoot which then littered the area with destroyed T-55's and T-72's. Very satisfying after how badly I am performing in the WW2 tutorial. Great times in this game watching TOW missiles streak across the screen and commanding Apache helicopters. The men on the right? Iraqi troops fleeing the battle.

Now that my SPWW2 full game is here I will be doing some AAR's. I also have to learn Alexandrian Wars at some point. I had to delay until this weekend due to waiting on the shipping and then my birthday.