Sunday, January 2, 2011

Upcoming this week: Steel Panthers talk and Windows 7

Steel Panthers talk. That's right I am going back and getting into Steel Panthers again this time with the Shrapnel Games winSPWW2 version to get that critical Windows compatibility and higher resolution. Will all be well with the aging title on a newer PC? Perhaps not. Already loading the free version I had many graphical glitches.

Upon loading the screen I was welcome to was the following:

Immediately I thought that I would not be purchasing the old title and I could not get back into it. It takes a bit of digging but this issue is well known on the Shrapnel Forums and a work around has been provided.

Take a look at this thread:

I little application new .CMD program, edited so that it launched SPWW2 and not SPMBT, and I was back under way although still under 800x600 resolution until my boxed copy arrived in the mail:

Keep in mind that there are TWO versions of Steel Panthers. One is a code taken over and developed by Matrix Games for Steel Panthers World at War which includes all the Mega Campaigns in the game that were released a while back.

This thread: explains all that

The other version that is being actively worked on and fixed up is the Shrapnel Games version that has been adapted to Windows. This is the main reason I went with this version. I figured if I had it and they were around the support would keep coming in the way of official patches. A wide screen monitor patch is due out soon and the game got many patches this past year:

About widescreen play:
Yes, both games will have that option for CD owners when the patches of both games are released in the new year

So while I was gone the world of Steel Panthers got pretty confusing. Remember also that mods for World at War or the Shrapnel Version will NOT work between the two. I think the community has done a great job in keeping both versions alive and well for tons of wargamers all over. I will post more on my foray into the game a little later this week.

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