Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blunt Force Gamer Podcast Episode 3 is now LIVE!

This episode represents a new beginning for the podcast which was previously going to be just myself going solo. This episode I welcome back my old host from the Banstick Podcast days Darryl and we cover what direction we will taking the audio portion of this blog.

Included in this fun filled episode are the following topics:

  • How Darryl got started in miniature gaming

  • We talk PC Bloodbowl, a little Dawn of War 2

  • What our local gaming stores in Chicago and Orlando do for us

  • We have a short segment on Army Builder

  • We announce our trivia and even have a poll up for which faction Darryl should buy for Warmachine!

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Website links mentioned in this episode:

GW Battle Bunker Chicago: http://gwchicagobunker.com

Bloodbowl Tactics: http://bbtactics.com

Adepticon (Illinois Miniature Gaming Convention) http://www.adepticon.org

Sci Fi City Orlando: http://www.sci-fi-city.com/orlando.htm

Phoenix Games Orlando: http://www.phoenixgames.us