Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flames of War Vietnam and new bases for WW2

Battlefront has been busy lately and today we got wind of their Vietnam full release with a book as well as some new sculpted bases for their WW2 range.

You can read all about it on their hobby page here:
Last year in Wargames Illustrated we tried something new and let a charge of enthusiasm for an exciting period, led by Pete, culminate in our first attempt at adapting the Flames Of War mechanics to other periods. The result was a wonderful success and with so many people getting excited about both the idea and the period we realised that it could not simply be a one-off. What we have decided to do is bring you Vietnam part II this April with a following instalment each year. The rolling plan has us adding to the forces, models and how it can be played. This has made us realise that Flames Of War Vietnam has become our second period and it will receive ongoing support.

Their new WW2 bases are pre sculpted and setup to reflect certain theatres of war. Also they have PRE ARRANGED SLOTS for the figures to fit into. ABOUT TIME. The worst thing about Flames of War is making the bases and uses that freakin spackle crap.