Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grey Knights in April

It was announced back in January that Grey Knights would be returning to the 40k universe in April with a new codex and some plastic miniatures. I once thought that it would herald my return to Warhammer 40k but after what I saw yesterday at the Bunker while watching a bunch of Fantasy games being played I know that I will be too involved with that system to ever go back to 40k. The tactics and the way the game plays suits a former rank and file miniature player like myself. That is not to say that later on this year I wouldn't mind checking out what the Grey Knights have had done to them after the hype dies down but right now 40k is a huge afterthought in my miniature gaming.

I enjoyed my gaming time in 40k and I love the lore but I just have had enough of the miniatures game. Blunt Force Gamer podcast co-host Darryl has made great strides in his Blood Angels army this week and will have more news from the 40k aspect as we go on. For now I have plenty of work ahead of me with Bloodbowl and Fantasy.

View some leaked pics here:

In case you missed it here is the Grey Knight announcement:
As the Emperor prepared for his final confrontation with the traitor Horus, he granted one final gift to Mankind, a safeguard and protection against the horrors of the Warp - the Grey Knights. A brotherhood of warriors as elite as they are secretive, the Grey Knights are a shining line of silvered steel that stands between humanity and the Daemons of Chaos.

Trained as the mightiest paragons of mental fortitude and martial discipline in the Imperium, the Grey Knights maintain a vigilant watch for daemonic incursion, responding wrathfully against the scions of the Dark Gods, and those who dally with them.

Clad in baroque Terminator armour and wielding powerful weapons such as storm bolters and Nemesis force weapons, the Grey Knights tear through the enemy, unleashing an onslaught of psychic powers and sorcery to sunder the foe.

The Grey Knights are an unstoppable force, the manifestation of the Emperor's will, valiant warriors who willingly sacrifice their own humanity so that Mankind itself can endure.

This April Games Workshop releases Codex: Grey Knights, alongside a comprehensive range of fantastically detailed Citadel miniatures. Although details are being kept firmly under wraps for now, you can expect an exciting selection of plastic kits to enable you to build your own Grey Knights army.

Over the coming weeks we'll be releasing more details both here on the Games Workshop website and also in the pages of White Dwarf - to ensure you're the first to get the news, make sure you subscribe to the Games Workshop newsletter and keep an eye on the What's New Today blog.