Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mantic Games Skeletons vs Games Workshop Skeletons

Opening and taking a look inside the Undead Army box set from Mantic Games for their Kings of War game.

Pros of Mantic Games version:

  • Sturdy and easy to assemble. 2 or 3 pieces as opposed to the pain in the butt it is to assemble a tiny tiny 6 piece GW skeleton

  • Thick heavy bases so mini's doesn't fall over easy

  • Good price for the amount of figures. While not as detailed you get a ton of stuff in the undead army box

Cons of Mantic Games version:

  • May not be enough of the same type of weapons to make a full regiment for Warhammer Fantasy rules (all spears, or all hand weapons etc etc)

  • Detail not as sharp

  • GW Skeletons allow you to customize every part of the pose from arms, heads, legs to waist

Pictures for comparison: