Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Map Mods releases massive updates for all Panzer Campaign titles

Map Mods website, the site that hosts files to modify maps and counters for some HPS Sims titles, has updated their content for Sicily '43 and France '14. I don't personally play these games in the 2D view but the Map Mods are still very slick for a total interface overhaul so check them out!

Along with that ALL MODS for each Panzer Campaign game have been updated for the following reasons:

  • New and sharper, as in 'less blurry', unit counters.

  • A change that applies to PzC titles only: Switched colors between the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe unit counters. Wehrmacht is now grey and Luftwaffe is light blue.

Go to the official site to pick up your new downloads and modify your Panzer Campaign titles!


ALSO as if that was not enough Map Mods for the recently released John Tiller Software title Kharkov '43 have been released.

Quite a busy few weeks over at the Map Mods site!