Friday, February 25, 2011

Necrons: Can I say I told you so?

After all the great announcements I have heard as of late. It looks like there are going to be some new Necron models out around July/August.! Now granted this is mostly hearsay, so ease up on the wild accusations and finger pointing, but the boys over at Beasts of War are generally spot on. Here is an exerpt of the article and a link to the full one.

Word is reaching us that the Necron range (or at least parts of) is being run down now (i.e. not available to the independant stockists) which can mean only one thing… expect Necrons in about 6 months!!!

So, we could be looking at a July/August release for your favourite army of unstoppable death machines?

A couple of tidbits that we received:

The Obvious

  • We’ll be back is definitely gone (Feel no Pain has took over)

  • We’re hearing that Gauss weapons are rending (which makes sense and will please Darrell no end)

  • There will be a ton of Psychic powers listed as ‘Tech Upgrades’

The more ‘out there’ stuff that we have trouble believing

  • There will be a more ornate vehicle (maybe monolith?) with moulded glyphs

  • The feel of the range has been re-skinned to make it less ‘Terminator’

  • Spyders have been redone

  • We hear they are getting a reboot on the scale to rival the Dark Eldar!

We’re not hearing that its gonna take the same ‘feel’ as Forgeworld’s Tomb Stalker, apparently it was created and released completely independantly of the core design team. This seems a little bit like disinformation – but knowing GW I would not be entirely surprised.


And here is the link to the full article.