Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just a quick post today.

I used a quick method to paint these. Primed Army Painter Leather Brown. Did the Flesh in Vallejo Light Brown (929) the green in Vallejo Intermediate Green (891) and then the Purple rags in Reaper Colors Amethyst Purple. The metal was Vallejo Gun Metal Grey. The brown shield was GW Scorched Brown. Washed the whole thing in thick wash of Badab Black. Then if I want I may go back and highlight later. Eyes are GW Blood Red, the teeth are GW Bleached Bone.Some metal bits I picked out with GW Mithril Silver when I was done. I also used Vallejo Bronze on some shields. Clanrats take gear from a huge pile of scavenged goods so I don't want things to look too much the same.

I have a ton of Vallejo paints because I like the dropper bottles and I used to play Flames of War. So I switch between many of them and Games Workshop paints.

And that was it.

One model I did not paint the flesh and left it the primer color but he came out too dark. However not all rats are created equal and he will just be the low man on the Rat Totem Pole.