Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Not playing MMO's anymore has really let me expand my horizons in terms of what I do with my free time. This also lets me be more creative. I am going back to my roots and as well as playing more Bloodbowl and PC Wargaming I will be reporting once more on miniature gaming, bringing this blog site into a full blown realm of digital and physical wargaming.

As I posted here many months back:

the Isle of Blood boxed starter set for the 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles rules set really provides a great bargain for starting players. I have purchased two of these from an online retailer and that has jump started my double army collection (Skaven and High Elves). The main army I am focusing on is the High Elves. Those two boxes and a box of High Elf archers will set me at about 1500 points.

Meeting some nice people at the local Games Workshop Bunker here in the Chicago suburbs also spurned my interest. Whenever you make a miniature gaming endeavor you have to weigh playtime versus the cost you spend to get into the hobby. Bloodbowl and Warhammer 40k or Fantasy give me the most bang for the buck so that is the direction I went in. Trust me I wanted to do Flames of War but around here is it not possible nor is it reliable.

So off we go. Expect some reports soon once I get things assembled and learn the game and its finer points.