Monday, February 21, 2011

Second Warhammer test game: High Elves vs Dark Elves

Yesterday was a 1000 point test game against my friend Paul's Dark elves. We didn't use the deployment rules at all and just slapped units down and duked it out as I taught him the majority of the game. I forgot less rules than I did the last time but also learned quite a few as well.

One of the complicated rules we had happen was a unit fleeing and then the pursuing foe going into a fresh block of enemy troops.

I also learned about Dark Elf magic as he dropped a Black Horror spell on my block of archers. Needless to say almost all of them died and they ended up fleeing. I did a good deal of damage to his Sorceress's block and almost killed them all. I had picked Lore of Light to test that deck out and to see how it played out. I used buffs and banishment the best I could but got Timewarp which was a spell I wish I had traded in for as I never used it. I dropped the noble and the Battle Standard I had in the first game I did and used those points to boost up my Swordmaster unit and they did quite well. My Elyrian Cavalry was charged by Cold One Knights and obliterated on turn 3. Mental note: don't let that happen again. Ever. I have some Dragon Princes of Caledor but need to get them assembled.

[caption id="attachment_3837" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Black Horror is bad mmmkay?"][/caption]

Next up for me Wednesday night is another game where I am teaching yet another new guy how to play. This time only 750 points High Elves vs Skaven. Since it is after work and we have limited time we wanted the points low and fast.

Pictured below: my Swordmasters take a charge from Executioners and Corsairs. However both my units are buffed by my Mage.