Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Slitherine unveils Time of Fury counter info

A short hop over to the forums reveals some nice new info about how the counters are laid out and what each bit of information means on their upcoming WW2 Grand Strategy title WW2 Time of Fury.

1 – National Insignia/Flag [Color of counter also shows nationality]
2 – Unit sign (Inf/Mot/Arm/Para) [Corps sign large and opaque, Division sign small and transparent]
3 – Low Supply Sign (Supply Dot) [appears when supply is lower than 10]
4 – Multidirectional Attack Still available Sign (Blue Dot) [Disappears when unit has participated in a multidirectional attack in the turn]
5 – Action Points (AP) with green box, when AP’s left [Green Box disappears when no AP’s left]
6 – Strength Points of unit
7 – Reinforcement Sign (Yellow Dot) [ Appears when unit can be reinforced and disappears when unit strength equals 100%]
8 – Technology level of unit
9 – Leader in Unit (Larger HQ Sign)
10 – XXX for Corps Marking, XX for Division Marking

You can find out more about the game here:

Also they have a weekly new segment going on called Friday Night Fever. In this series of posts they will "present you with a single image or a pair of images from Time of Fury"

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